Sell Locally. Grow Locally.

97% of American consumers shop locally online.

What are you doing to reach them?

Smartketplace connects local social entrepreneurs with local social shoppers

What is Smartketplace?

Eco-friendly, handmade, healthy, and made in Chicago; that's what Smartketplace is all about.

Smartketplace is a local online shopping hub for buying and selling socially-conscious gifts, products and services. It helps Chicago-based social entrepreneurs, artisans and freelancers promote and sell their work to socially-conscious locals. It's also a cool way for Chicagoans to support local businesses and artists, that is, their community.

Why Sell on Smartketplace?

Because it's good for business. Smartketplace is not just a shopping cart, it's an online marketing tool you can use to grow your business from the local level.

  • Connect with local online shoppers
  • Boost brand awareness
  • Increase Web presence and SEO pull
  • Expand your online sales channels
  • Boost Internet sales and reach new customers

  • Risk free: There is a 15% transaction fee per sale made thanks to Smartketplace--no additional charges. And all transactions are handled via PayPal!