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Twenty-seven applicants want to open medical marijuana dispensaries across Chicago, but the new state law and pilot program allowing the medicinal sale and use of cannabis will only permit 13 Chicago locations. The applicants will have to go through public hearings, aldermen and the Chicago Zoning Board before obtaining the right permits to set up shop, possibly by Spring of 2015.

The state uses a township map to disperse the number of dispensaries in the city. The most popular area for Chicago applications is the West township. Ten applicants are vying for a spot in the area, which includes trendy neighborhoods like Wicker Park and Logan Square. But after community input and a decision from aldermen, only two will be accepted.

Use the map below to learn how many applications were submitted to open medical marijuana dispensaries in your area. While the state is required to keep applicant information confidential, zoning board meetings and media have publicized details about a few locations. The map also offers details on how you can voice your opinion about proposed locations in your area.

Check back for updates.

The Chicago Zoning Board of Appeals meets once a month. The next meeting will be held October 17, 2014, where three applicants will plead their case to the board.