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The numbers for Chicago Community Trusts’s On The Table 2014 day of dinner discussions are in, and the conclusion: Chicagoans care–about education and about one another.

More than 11,000 people participated in the May 2014 event, generating thousands of ideas on improving the city, according to the new report released by the Chicago Community Trust, which hosted the event.

More than half of the groups discussed education. Community engagement and inclusion were also popular discussions.

What solutions did Chicago come up with? Many ideas revolved around education and community, more so than crime and economics. The report also highlighted some practical “big ideas” in its report. Education and food were common issues mentioned.

Most popular terms in ideas shared in the reportMade with WordItOut

But other ideas really stood out as practical options for the city. Last month the trust selected six ideas to be hashed out in “Collaboratory” groups during Chicago Ideas Week, October 13-19.

These ideas include developing sister neighborhoods and community resource maps.

The groups will work on the ideas all winter and pitch proposals to investors in the spring.

On The Table also generated significant social media buzz, the report states. During the excitement Chi-Town Review eavesdropped on some of the discussions and recorded the best ideas as they came in.

Community Trusts’ report is released just in time for Chicago Ideas Week, a week-long celebration of local ideas and innovation.

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